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Retirement Years

At this stage of your life, it’s now time to get serious with getting your affairs in order. Making sure that you have control/access to your financial resources is critical… With the key component of having the right successors ready to step-up at a moment’s notice because of a medical emergency or death. Additionally, if [..]

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Are you concerned about your hard earned savings passing to the right people and at the right time? If you’re 10-15 years from “retiring”, there are so many things unknown as to how the future will play out…. If you have kids, will they be financially independent or struggling mightily with college debt until they’re [..]

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Parents With Children at Home

Are you prepared for the unexpected? Though you often feel that estate planning is something you can put off until you have more savings to protect or you have more time to squeeze this in….you really shouldn’t keep waiting for the right time. Here at the Skinner Law Office we have a special protection plan [..]

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