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Skinner Law Office

Estate and Trust Planning || Dementia Documents ||  Estate Administration || Family Legacy Planning || Business Succession Planning || Powers of Attorney || Medical Documents || Deeds || Kid/College Age/Grandkid Planning 



Estate Planning is a combination of your hopes, dreams, goals, fears, expectations, concerns, and thoughts for your loved ones and most importantly – for YOU. We provide a personalized plan that encompasses all that into comprehensive legal documents that spell out your wishes in a written legacy.


Our world is quickly changing and we know you work hard caring for the people in your life. You may have experienced Dementia, Sickness, Special Needs or just plain Silliness in your loved ones and our documents provide solutions to prevent those experiences from pulling apart the Legacy you have built and want to continue. Having the right plan in place provides the ability to carry on with the good things in life knowing if the unexpected occurs – your wishes are written and ready to go.


The Skinner Law Office happily works with clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia – virtually, in person, and online. We understand you lead a busy life and we like to assist by flexibility in our contact strategy.


Please take a look over our Practice Areas to get a sense of what we can accomplish for you and your family. If you don’t see a particular area listed – just reach out to us. If it is not an Area of Law we practice we will refer you to an Attorney who does practice that Area of Law. We are part of a large network of experienced Attorney’s and can easily get you the help you are seeking.


We would love to hear from you, please contact us because we would love to help you Write Your Legacy

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